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Butterscotch Hot Chocolate with Alys.

I’m sat here with my butterscotch hot chocolate and my maltesers and I thought I would have a little sit down chat with you. How are you? I hope things are well with you. I have been very social this week, so at the moment I’m just recharging my social batteries. I’m actually writing this on Wednesday/Thursday night because I’ll be on a train on Friday, but I got a minute to myself just now and grabbed myself a hot drink. I had a bath tonight. It had a ‘Supernova’ bath bomb from Lush Kitchen that my mum gave me and although it had orange oil in it (it was scented like Buck’s Fizz) my skin didn’t have a horrible reaction. Apparently I’m allergic to oranges, but it depends on how much of it there is and how concentrated. For instance, I seem to be able to drink orange cordial, or half a small glass of pure orange juice- but I can’t have orange juice from concentrate, or eat oranges, or have any cosmetics like bath bombs that include orange oil as a scent. I just don’t do so well with it, so it was nice to know that I can use that bath bomb, because it smelt beautiful and was a bright neon pink colour, which is always nice for a bath. Although usually I don’t really like pink all that much.

We went for a little trip to Ikea this week. Four of us piled into a teeny green car and drove to the closest Swedish wonderland. We had a nice lunch there and we were all pretty impressed with the bread. Yup. The bread rolls in the restaurant were delicious. As were the veggie balls, but if you’re planning on getting those, definitely ask for the veggie gravy too. Anyway, we spent a nice amount of time going through and being silly (even though I got a bit tired of all of the stupid puns after a while) and arguing over the kitchen that we should get. Of course, we weren’t getting a kitchen, and I don’t think any of us really wants to live with the same seven people for the rest of our lives. We will never buy a kitchen together, but if we were, it would have black countertops with sparkles in them, and grey cupboards. Our cutlery would be a metallic black. I guess we’d have to make sure to get a house where the kitchen has a large window to let the light in. We wandered all the way through the big old place until Tim got what he needed and the rest of us found ourselves in the plant department. Not even the bedding section held our attention for as long. Ash and I both bought the same plants, in varying sizes. We got a peace lily, a stick of lucky bamboo, and a pink quill plant. They’re pretty. My peace lily is called Auri, and the pink quill is called Kaguya. I know that I should probably have given the name Kaguya to the lucky bamboo, but technically speaking it’s not really bamboo, and the pink quill is so delicate, but also hardy that it seemed a good name. (Princess Kaguya is a Ghibli film if you were wondering)

As it turns out I’m actually writing this on Friday morning now. (Completely ruining the illusion that this was written in one sitting. I no longer have hot chocolate, I’m sorry. I now have pringles and energy drink. It’s 6AM and I haven’t slept yet.) Later today I am going to pack my bags and get on a train to York for a week to spend some time at my partner’s house (ew. gross. love. ew.) It should be nice though, I’ll be meeting a lot of new people and seeing other people that I have met as they have visited my house a few times. So that will be lovely. I’m not great with doing new things, or meeting new people- I’m actually quite shy- but I’m looking forward to it. Also, there will be three dogs and two bunnies. So. Floofs. Floofs will be present in my vicinity and I will be able to cuddle them all. Without restraint. Floofs. I don’t want to write too much about it because it hasn’t happened yet and I will tell you about it all next week anyway. But yes, that’s what’s happening today.

I wanted to tell you about something else that happened this week! I completely forgot to mention that Alex got his laptop to run a PS1 emulator and got some games from my childhood on it so that I can play games and get frustrated at a stupid purple dragon and my ineptitude at playing games that I used to find fairly easy as a wee bairn. (It doesn’t even make any sense how bad I am at it.) It was actually a really lovely thing because I want to like video games but they were something that my brother did when we were children, and my thing was reading. For some reason I didn’t seem to think that my thing could be multiple ‘things’. Although I also wanted to do karate and have piano lessons too, and later driving lessons, but they were all his ‘things’ and I wasn’t really allowed to do those things. (I’m not bitter at all…) Spyro has definitely been a thing this week, along with nice food, so all in all I think having good friends is a really nice thing. It’s wonderful fory mental health at any rate.

I’m going to leave you there for now as I need to get on and get my bags packed. See you next week.

Have a lovely day,



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