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The Plight of the Bespectacled Northerner.

Being northern and wearing glasses is a problem.
I recently had an eye test and it turned out that I needed glasses, so obviously I bought a pair. And marvelled at how I could once more see clouds as more than cotton wool balls. I could see stars that I’m fairly certain that I’d never seen before.
And whilst the novelty of vision has not yet worn off, the inconvenience of glasses has definitely made itself known.
The first thing that I noticed was how filthy they get. What on earth is my face coming into contact with on a daily basis for my glasses to get that disgusting?! And once I noticed that, I noticed that the skin around where my glasses sat was getting oilier and spottier. Great. ‘But’, I thought, ‘I can deal with this’. And so I did. I employed the tricks that every girl who has been through puberty knows, and my skin soon became clearer again. Clear enough to once more brave the wearing of makeup for a day out with a friend.
I took my glasses off to wipe the lenses for the fifth time within an hour, and realised that bit only were they crusted with mascara eyelash prints, they had also lifted the foundation from the bridge of my nose. Fun. So of course, I reverted to my teenage years once more and taught myself how to apply makeup properly once more. Problem solved. And, one of the plus sides to glasses is that they can look pretty hot. ‘Yeah’, I thought, ‘I’m getting good at this’. But then. Tragedy struck.

Tragedy in the form of tea. I am, of course, Northern, and I cannot live without multiple cups of tea a day. (I counted once, I got to nine before I was so shocked at how stereotypical I was that I stopped counting so as not to disgust myself further…) If you don’t wear glasses, or you don’t drink hot drinks, and no one has ever told you; you may not know this.

Hot liquids give off water vapour.

Water vapour condenses onto surfaces. For example, let’s say, oh I don’t know; glass.

I happen to have recently acquired two little rectangles of glass that I keep on my face. This is a problem for me.

Each and every time I go to sip my lovely hot cup of tea, I get a fog on my glasses that makes it impossible for me to continue reading or whatever it was I was doing that I needed my vision for. It’s beginning to make life rather difficult. I’m not sure that clouds and stars are worth the inconvenience whilst tea-supping. (I am very aware that that may have been the most English sentence that I will ever write, there’s really no need to point it out…)

Perhaps I’m being too negative about something that is going to be present in my life for the rest of it. Perhaps I just wanted to let you know about this important issue; The plight of the bespectacled Northerner.

Have a lovely (condensation free) day!


P.S. How cute is my rabbit?!


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