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Yorkshire Tea With Alys

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These last couple of weeks have been a really nice holiday. I went to the Lake District with Alex’s family and then stayed with them for a week in York. It was really nice to just have a break from everything. I even took a break from the internet while I was in the Lake district! (It wasn’t optional, there was no internet, but it didn’t bother me) It was so nice and simple to just be able to spend time with people and talk to them and spend time walking and reading and playing with the dogs. I enjoyed it a lot. Obviously living in a tent for a week isn’t always plain sailing, but other than some damp clothes and the occasional grumbly tumbly (and a sore ankle after climbing Stickle Tarn) it was wonderful.

I’ve always liked camping, or, I have good memories of liking camping- maybe I wasn’t actually so keen as a child, you’d have to ask my parents. Either way it was a really nice trip. We went walking, we were surrounded by beauty, and there was a really nice pub up the road from the campsite!

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York was lovely too. I spent a lot of time with Alex’s grandparents, who are absolutely brilliant. His granddad is such a character. He’s great for people who are a bit shy, because you can just set him off on a topic and he’ll just keep going without you having to talk much- you just get to sit and listen and learn stuff. It’s a really easy way to get to know someone- just listening to them! His grandma, is bloody lovely. We chatted about SO MANY things, but we happened to have a conversation about plants on Tuesday, and when Alex and I went over on Wednesday she gifted me two plants! She’s such a sweetheart. They’re beautiful plants too- not that that really matters, it’s the thought and the sentiment- but they ARE beautiful.

I also enjoyed living with puppies for a couple of weeks.

I’m back home now and trying to get my bedroom sorted out. A lot of the things that I have here are old and seem like belongings of a previous Alys. So I’m getting rid of a LOT of it. I’d almost say most of it actually. I have a lot of stuff though, so it’s going to take a while!!

Have a lovely week everyone!



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