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Ice Water with Alys- Summer and Moving House.

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I normally post these on Friday, but last Friday I was packing everything I owned into boxes and bags and sending it home to my parent’s house. So I didn’t really have much time. Moving house is a weird thing. It’s almost humbling to see your whole life in boxes, and when you’re packing it all up and you have to fit it into one car (and one small trailer) you have to decide what stays and what goes. Do you really need that dress that looks almost identical to that other dress? Do you really need all of these books? What is important to you?

It brings to mind all that stuff about minimalism again. I’m very aware that I wouldn’t be considered as a minimalist because of the sheer amount of stuff that I own, but it is interesting to think about which items that I own are bringing me enough joy to keep carting them around the country, and which ones don’t make the cut. It’s interesting to learn about yourself that way. I learned that I don’t need all of my books; the ones that I haven’t read, or will not read. I have learned that I can make do with a lot less clothes than I currently own. I have learned that I cannot do without my plants and the books that I do read/will read again. I have learned that I refuse to go without my nice skin cream that I use for my skin condition. I could use a cheaper cream, but I don’t want to. The cream that I use has a touch of luxury about it, it has a nice scent, it is not tested on animals, and I buy it from a company that I don’t mind giving my money too. My morals are something that mean something to me, and so I will continue to buy that cream that is a little on the expensive side, and instead save the money from all the clothes that I don’t need to buy.

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We had friends from York visiting last week, they came up on Thursday and we had lunch in the park and it was lovely. We got drunk and they were just such lovely people. I’ve been struggling with some things lately, and it was nice to be able to talk to someone about it without worrying too much about all of the social implications and upsetting people with simply venting. It was nice. Or at least, it was good. It was a nice reminder that I have friends, which sounds ridiculous, but it is needed sometimes. I think, for most people.

It’s been hot in England. It’s Summer. Everyone is saying it’s a heatwave, and maybe it is technically. But it doesn’t feel any hotter than any other summer. We do like to talk about the weather in England, it’s well known. We don’t just talk about it, we complain about it. So it’s hot. We might have a thunderstorm soon. It’s no hotter than any other summer, but we still complain about the heat. It’s easy done. I don’t like being too hot, but I’m not too fussed by the heat, I like sitting in my house in the shade, and I like sitting in my garden in the shade, and I cannot deny the positive effect the brighter days has had on my sleeping pattern and my depression. I said before that I’ve been struggling with things lately, and that’s true, but it seems like I’m winning more battles since the Sun arrived, and that’s a nice feeling. Of course, I’m not going to attribute all of my hard work to something as simple as sunlight, I’m working damn hard, but it helps.

It’s made me more productive too. Not by much, but I’ve been reading a couple of books about writing, and it’s been helping me to get into the groove again. It’s like stretching after a long day, using that part of my brain again. It feels good. That’s not to say that anything that I’ve been writing has been any good, but one thing I’ve already learned is that you have to write a lot of shit before you learn how to make it less shit. I don’t know who I’m paraphrasing there, or if I’m just quoting myself, but I know it’s true. You have to write stuff that doesn’t work in order to figure out what does. (there you go, there’s the clean version) It’s good to exercise that again, stretch my writing muscles and start to train them out of the jiggly mess that they became over the last year. I’ve discovered that writing is like swimming; you never forget how to do it once you’ve learned, but if you’re out of practice it can feel like you’re out of your depth. The only thing to do is keep swimming. Or writing, as the case may be.

Things are good at the moment, and I’m determined to enjoy it. There are plenty of bad things that I could talk about, but I’m choosing not to. Today is good.

Have a lovely week,




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