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Manchester Bees.

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It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel right that the world is still turning. That companies are advertising frivolous items whilst children lie dead and their families still search for them. It doesn’t feel right that in Manchester today there will be people going to work; sitting at desks and answering phone calls, whilst emergency services fight to save those that were injured. It doesn’t feel right.

But it is.

This is Manchester. We are strong. We are worker bees and we work together to support our city and each other. To keep each other safe. Last night a hateful thing happened. And it was responded to with SUCH an outpouring of love. I am PROUD to say that’s my city. So many people took in those children, gathered them up and kept them safe. So many people offered up their homes, their cars, their money. Businesses opened back up so that survivors has somewhere warm to sit with a cup of tea, so that emergency workers could wake themselves with coffee and continue to do their best. That outpouring of love shows me that there is hope and strength in us. One person did an evil thing, but we rose up stronger and harder and with love in our hearts. One act of hatred cannot break us. We won’t allow it.

Today is the day that we think about the children. The dead, the injured, the orphaned. And we think about the children going to school today that are terrified that they will be hurt because of the colour of their skin. Today, as we go about out days, not letting hate stop us, we wear our bees alongside safety pins to show that love is the majority, not hate.




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