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Dandelion and Burdock With Alys.

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I’m a couple of days late this week, I guess I was too busy reading! This week I had my last counselling session and it went really well. It’s good to talk out stuff with someone that isn’t going to judge. It’s definitely worth finding a counsellor that you gel well with too, my first counsellor was awful and judgemental and we just didn’t gel. But I stuck at it and found one that is lovely. And she really helped me get some things straight in my head. Good stuff.

For pretty much the rest of this week I’ve just been reading. I’ve let my room get messy, and just sat and read. It’s actually been really nice. I’ve tidied today, and got everything all nice again, but tit was nice to just read for once. It had been a long time since I had been able to sit and get so absorbed in a book.

When I was little I could spend days reading and be so intent that I wouldn’t hear anything until someone got right in my face to shout at me for ignoring them! But it’s been a while since I could get that absorbed, so it was really nice to just be able to read and not get distracted for once. And what is this book that has got me ignoring everyone? ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ by Patrick Rothfuss. I’d recommend it to everyone, but it’s the second in a trilogy and we’ve been waiting for the third one for years. Of course, that’s not a reason not to recommend it really though. It’s a brilliant book. I don’t understand how Rothfuss has made such a lengthy and rambling tale so captivating. The flow of those books is insane. I can only hope to ever write in that way. It’s breathtaking. I have read some negative reviews, but they mostly seem to be complaining of the lack of action and that the plot is boring. Nobody is complaining that while they’re reading this apparently plot-less story, the pace is bad. Because it isn’t- the pacing is impeccable. And although I understand their frustration at ‘nothing’ happening, I like that aspect of it. The three books are a biography of sorts, telling the entire life story of the main character. It’s not supposed to be action-packed all the time, life isn’t. I think that’s important in Fantasy novels that they balance the fantasy elements with enough realistic elements that the story as a whole is believable. I know that I’m gushing a little, but I just think it’s such a wonderfully written book. And all of the dialogue in a huge section of the book when Kvothe is with Felurian is written in verse. It’s so subtle that I forget every time that I read it and only notice again halfway through. It’s just SO good!

There’s not much else to tell of this week, all I’ve been doing is reading. It’s been nice. It’s been sunny. I’ve been cultivating my little collection of plants. Well, my rather large collection of plants, actually. But I’ve been looking after them and they’re doing well. Some of my cuttings are starting to grow roots and that makes me happy because it takes so LONG for succulents to grow their little baby roots and be ready to pot into their own little teeny individual pots. But I’ve got a few on the go, and despite losing quite a few, a lot of the ones that re left have actually grown roots recently. It sounds silly to be so excited about this, but considering that they were all dying so quickly just a month ago, it’s nice that some of them have at least got to the next stage. I’m still not expecting all of them to make it, but perhaps some will, and that will make me happy. I already have one little Christmas Cactus sitting in its own pot and hoping to grow for my friend Fenna’s birthday present.

Alrighty, I’m going to go and read some more!

Have a lovely week,



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