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I’ve been organising this week. I’ve re-potted a few of my plants, and then I completely moved my room around so that my plants can get more of that sunshine that has finally made an appearance in the North of England. I’m liking it, there’s a lot more light coming through my window now because I’ve moved my TV. It’s rather nice. I still need to do a lot of organising and tidying through everything. I’m moving out of this house in one month. ONE MONTH. That’s going to start stressing me out very soon. But on the plus side I have applied for my extenuating circumstances now, so I can stop stressing about that. I mean, I still won’t know if they will let me come back next year, but I’ve done all the things now, it’s out of my hands, so there’s no point in me worrying about it. In the meantime, I will stress out about moving house. I have so much crap!! I need to pack it all up sometime very soon, and I have no idea how I’m going to be able to fit it all in my bedroom at my parents house. It’s a serious problem! I need to go through all of my books again aswell. I don’y like getting rid of them, but actually, when I get started, it feels quite cathartic to just get rid of all of the things that I don’t need or use. I suppose that there’s something to be said for the principles behind minimalism. I think that if you have too much stuff that you keep for no real reason, then what’s the point. Half the time someone else will get pleasure from owning that thing that you just shoved to the back of your wardrobe. So that’s what I’m doing. Getting rid of all my rubbish.

And now we shall talk about books.

This week I read ‘The Fall of Icarus’ by Ovid (obviously) and translated by Mary M.Innes.

As a literature student you’d probably think that I would have to read these sorts of books for my studies, but no. I thought that I should though, because what self-respecting English student hasn’t read the classics? Anyway, I read it. I actually enjoyed reading it, but had it been a bigger/thicker book I can see myself tiring of it very quickly as it wasn’t constructed the way any other books I’ve read have been and it was a little difficult to maintain interest. the narrative wasn’t really a narrative at all, just a string of stories that were very barely connected. Interesting though, and nice as a small challenge, especially because it was such a short read. So I liked that. But then I decided to read something that I wouldn’t find a challenge, and that I knew that I loved. The last time my mam visited I asked her to bring me ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s one of my favourite books. Of all time. It’s written beautifully, and I just love it. As I’m writing this, trying to think of ways to describe it I find myself being completely tongue-tied by enthusiasm. It’s such a sprawling tale that tells the entirety of the main characters life. Which could be quite boring, or intense, depending on the way that the plot works out, but the flow of the narrative is wonderful. As a person that writes, it’s actually mind-boggling how Rothfuss has managed to keep the story flowing along when it’s such a medium pace. I just think that it’s so impeccably written that it completely sucks you into the story. It’s the first book in a trilogy and each is the same basic premise, the story of Kvothe’s life, but I have read both of the first two (the third one isn’t out yet) and they are just not boring. They’re just not. I don’t know how he does it!! The first book is 662 pages long and I’m already way over half way through because I just get sucked right in and read for hours. Most of today, in fact, I spent reading, until late afternoon when I re-potted all of my plants. (Thank you Spring for the longer days.)

Talking about books and reading, I’m aiming for thirty books this year. Goodreads tell me that I’m on track for that, so that’s good. I normally read a lot more than that, but considering my lack of motivation lately- in everything, not just reading- I’ve put the goal way down from 101 to 30. Which seems like a massive downgrade, but in reality I only ever manage to read about 70 books a year on average. I just aim for 101 because it’s something to aim for. And, I mean, how cool would it be if I actually got that one day? Probably not that cool, because it would make me a nerd. But I think it would be pretty cool, because maybe I already am a nerd.

Let me know what you thought about the books I talked about today, and if you have any tips for moving house let me know!

Have a lovely week,



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