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I spent a lot of time watching TV this week. Watching TV and knitting. Which was actually incredibly boring. But I suppose that’s a good thing because it’s made me bored of just sitting and watching TV for a while! It sounds a little pathetic that Alex went away for a week and all that I did was watch TV. But really, it’s all that I was doing before he left too! It’s the Easter break, so I’ve had nothing to do for quite a while and it’s only just now starting to drive me a little stir crazy. On the plus side, I’ve watched some pretty good TV. I made my way through all the episodes of Once Upon a Time, and started on catching up on Pretty Little Liars. I know, they’re guilty pleasures, but I try not to feel guilty about things that I enjoy, even if I know they’re a little questionable, or downright badly written…

I also watched the rest of the episodes of 3% that I hadn’t seen yet. It’s a Brazilian show on Netflix and it’s amazing. It’s a sci-fi set in a society where there is a divide between the have’s and the have not’s, no big deal right? But this time the distinction between them is so extreme that the two are separated by an ocean. On the Inland people are starving, wearing rags and trying to scrounge together enough to live off. Crime is everywhere as people try to survive. On the Offshore they live in the lap of luxury, wanting for nothing and living without crime in a society that has much more advanced medical facilities that are denied to those on the Inland. It’s your basic dystopian world vs utopian world story, with only 3% of the Inland population being able to eventually move to the Offshore. However, before they can get there they must pass the Process, a series of tests, like the Hunger Games, designed to ascertain whether they are worthy to live in the Utopia that has no crime. They only want the best people to live there, and not many make it. If they don’t pass the Process they must return to the Inland and try to live out the rest of their days there. They don’t get a second chance. They can enter the Process when they turn twenty, and only then. That sounds a little unfair, but there’s nothing wrong with it, right? Well, that’s because that’s just the theory of how it works. In practice the Process is rife with corruption, spies, unstable moderators and investigations from the Offshore. They have to try to run this Process whilst contending with pressure from their side, and also opposition from the Cause on the Inland.

The Cause is an organisation that believes that it is an unfair process, that it is unfair that only 3% of the population have stable access to food, clean water and medical attention. They try to get people that can go through the Process, they want once of their agents to succeed through the tests and make it to the Offshore, they want to break down the hierarchy from within. It’s a brilliant show, and the acting is phenomenal. I won’t say anything more than that about the show because I don’t want to ruin it here, you can look elsewhere for more spoiler rich information, but I just thought it was an amazing show that everyone should give a chance. I mean, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. And don’t let the Portugese put you off. The subtitles are amazing, and it is also dubbed if that’s not your thing. Although I did prefer the subtitles a heck of a lot. The dub was good, but I could tell that the voices and the actors didn’t quite match and it was more distracting than the subtitles were. But then, I use subtitles all the time anyway because I don’t hear so well.

Anyway, I’ll move on from gushing about that TV show now!

The Easter break has got me feeling lethargic and just a bit bleh. I couldn’t go home this time, because I don’t have a room at my parent’s house anymore. Well, that’s a bit dramatic, I do still have my room, it’s just full of furniture because my mum and dad have been sorting out the house for the last year and a half. My mattress is a bit broken too. And when I say ‘a bit broken’, what I mean is my mattress looks like a mountain range. I have no idea how it got so broken, but it did, so that’s what I have to look forward to, if ever I can even get from the door to my bed… Normally I would have gone home for a weekend at my mum’s birthday, but I just couldn’t, so I’ve been sitting watching TV and trying not to stress out about applying for all the things that I need to apply for before next year. I can’t get anything done over Easter as everything is shut and everyone who works at the uni is off work for Easter, so that’s frustrating, but I suppose I get a break for a little while. Being in this house with not very much to do has been making me feel lethargic, but now that I have tired of TV I’m feeling much more positive and ready to get going on the rest of my day. (it’s actually only Wednesday when I’m writing this)

Have a lovely week!



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