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Tea and Biscuits With Alys

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I’m moving soon! This week I signed away my soul and paid a deposit on my new place. Seeing as I’m still going to be at university next year I needed somewhere to live and now I have one. The most exciting thing about this, is that I have my own kitchen. I’m living alone, in a little studio room, so any mess that’s in my kitchen will be because of me. Which probably means that it will be quite messy, but it also means that I won’t get as angry about it. It’s a good thing, I promise. And considering that my kitchen is also my bedroom, I’m hoping that means that I won’t let it get too messy…

I’m actually getting really excited for living there, it’s going to be nice to live alone I think. It’s actually going to be the first time for that and I’m looking forward to it. I sometimes feel like I’ve become too reliant on having the people around me to do things with and to go places with me. I love that, but I also think that I’ve become a bit too dependent on my friends. It will be nice to be a bit more me again. Not that I haven’t been me, just that I’ve always been an independent person, and it’s been weird to not be that way for the last two years. I like being alone, and that hasn’t changed. I’m looking forward to being alone and having to depend on myself for a while. And it’s not like my friends are going anywhere, I still have that support network. Ash is going to be living across the road from me. Literally across the road!

I’ve picked up my knitting again this week. Alex was knitting a scarf for about three months and hadn’t picked it up in about three months, so I’m doing it for him! It’s black and sparkly and I’m enjoying making it. It’s knitting up super fast so it might even be finished by the time that he gets back at the start of next week. (He’s gone home for Easter) Talking about Easter, it was my birthday last week and at the weekend we went to Manchester to meet my mum and spend a day in town. It was nice being back in my town, rather than the one that I live in at the moment, it made me feel very me. It was good to show Alex around a bit too, even though we only had a few hours there really. We spent most of it in Afflecks and that was nice. It’s been a long while since I went there, and I had forgotten how much I like it. It’s very non-judgemental. It just feels quite comfortable there, and there are a lot of cool things to look at (and buy, if you have money…) I already miss it. It was a nice day, and I;m glad that we got to visit Blue Daisy Cafe before it closes at the end of the month. I’d quite like to go again before it closes, but I’m not sure about the finances and the practicality. I have no bedroom at my parent’s house at the moment as they’ve had to refurbish part of the house and so my room is full of furniture from other rooms. That’s okay though, because I’m not there, but I do want to visit. I’d get to see my bunnies for Easter! Also, this year Easter Sunday is my mum’s birthday, so it would be nice to go home for that.

I’ve been reading Abhorsen again, it’s wonderful, but it’s taking me an age to get through it because I just can’t seem to concentrate properly like I used to when I was younger. It’s okay, and maybe that’s just a part of growing older. I’m not sure. I used to be able to sit and read all day without getting bored, or suffering concentration loss, or being able to hear someone shouting my name in the next room. I can’t do that any more. One or two hours at most, and even then it’s a struggle. It’s not an entirely interesting story, to talk about my reading struggles! Ah well. I’m sure that it’ll improve with time, or perhaps I’ll just get used to it.


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  1. This is so random of me to comment but I have to tell you that I just came across your blog and that I love it! Honestly, you have a lovely website here and I am so happy I have discovered it! I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your posts. Keep up the great work!

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