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Hot Chocolate With Alys.

Hello everyone. This week was the first week back in lectures so I’m comforting myself with a nice hot chocolate. It’s been a week of illness. Alex hurt his back, I had that horrible kind of illness that comes and doesn’t leave, then it seems like it’s getting better, but then your throat starts hurting again. (Also a reason for the hot chocolate). I can’t even call it Fresher’s Flu because I hadn’t even been in lectures when I got ill. I blame my brother.

My first week back has been a bit of a ride. I found out that three of my modules this semester are not on my timetable at all and so I’ve missed them. And I also found out that I have five modules in semester one. Which, if you don’t know, is rather a lot really. Normally each semester is only three modules, so I have an extra two that I am not used to coping with. However, I think it will be okay. If I can make it through the first semester then I only have two modules in semester two, including my dissertation; which means that in semester two I can concentrate on my dissertation almost exclusively. So I suppose it’s good, even with all of the timetable clashes that I need to get sorted out this weekend.

On the plus side, I feel quite optimistic about it, I’ve started the year at least a little bit organised and I picked up my new glasses this week!

I got new glasses which is not that interesting really, but I found it quite amusing that I got two pairs, one from the men’s section, and one from the children’s. I thought that was funny because it doesn’t make sense. Another thing about them is that I got a pair with transition lenses, which is an interesting experience. It’s really good to be able to see and be able to wear sunglasses, but I do find that they take quite a while to change back to clear when you go inside. Which is what everybody says about transition lenses if you ask them! But it’s true, and although I’ve only had them a few days I can see that it could possibly become an inconvenience. However, considering how light sensitive my eyes are on a normal day, let alone a sunny one, I think I’m probably going to get a lot of use out of them. Even in Autumn and Winter.

This week I have been mostly concerned with starting back at uni, so I haven’t done much of anything else really. I hadn’t even done my washing until yesterday, and then it got rained on while I was in my lecture. But I’m enjoying the change of the seasons, and although I am back at uni and that could be very stressful, I’m not stressed just yet, and because we’re now heading in to my favourite time of year, I’m feeling generally optimistic. Which is infecting my thoughts and feelings towards university. Ask me again next month if I’m still feeling so chilled out and optimistic, but as of right now, I am ready to take it on. It’s my final year and I’m ready to finish with uni related stress, even though I am kind of scared of what comes after university!

I know this was a very short post, but I’m going to leave you here because I have some emails to send, and some laundry to do. And a million other things that need to be done around the house!

Have a lovely day,



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