Posted in Musings

The Things I Think About When I’m Waiting for my Nails to Dry.

  1. Writing that story about that girl.
  2. What it would be like to be a mutant (X-Men style).
  3. Global Warming, and if it’s too late to fix the planet.
  4. War.
  5. Pretty glitter and the way it catches the light.
  6. Doing my laundry.
  7. The correct way to apply lipstick.
  8. Bee-keeping.
  9. Spending more time on learning BSL.
  10. The difference between different people’s interpretations of written words.
  11. Painting more.
  12. Fairy lights, and the proper way to hang them in rented accommodation.
  13. Finding a better recipe for biscuits.
  14. Time.
  15. Socks and dresses. Shoes. Stockings.
  16. How long does it take for nail varnish to dry anyway?

What do you think?

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