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Book Review: Misery- Stephen King


Paul Sheldon is the author of the popular ‘Misery Chastain’ series of novels, but he has decided to bunk her off. Just before the final Misery book is released in paperback, Paul gets into a car accident in an isolated area. He is found by Annie Wilkes, his number one fan, who takes him back to her house to recover from his rather severe injuries. Paul wonders why Annie didn’ just take him to a hospital, given the severity of his injuries, but for the first few days everything is just as fine and friendly as could be. Until, that is, Annie makes her way to the end of the last ever Misery Chastain novel and finds her favourite character in the grave.

It’s a bit of a slow-starter, and I’m not keen on the portrayal of mental illness in it, but overall it’s a great story of imprisonment and torture. The dominance of Nurse Annie Wilkes is a powerful thing and to see how intimidating and manipulative she is, is quite scary at certain points in the book.

It’s a slow-burner of a novel. It starts off a little slow and boring, picks up a little towards the middle, and then hits you right at the end. I may have been a bit bored for some parts of the book, but that only made the violence at the end seem all the more violent and unexpected.

Although I have said that at points it was boring, I did quite appreciate how Paul was in his own head quite so much. He was locked in one room for much of the novel and it was interesting to see his thought processes and how his views on a lot of things changed. I also liked how realistic those thought processes were. The first time Paul leaves his room he races around to get the things that he needs and then returns to his room, terrified that Annie will come back; even though he knows that she will not return for at least a couple of hours.

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