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TV Tuesday: The Lying Game

I started watching this show because I already loved Pretty Little Liars and this show is based off books written by the same author, Sara Shepard. It’s all about two girls that discover that they have a twin, and when they find each other they are taking things slowly. However, their first meeting is rushed as Emma, the twin living in a horrible foster home, has to run away from home. The only place that she can run to is her twin, Sutton, who lives with a nice adoptive family in a rich neighbourhood. But Sutton has her own plan. After a brief meeting at the bus station she reveals her plan to Emma. She asks Emma to take her place whilst she continues her search for their birth mother. Emma struggles to fit into Sutton’s stilettos and find her footing in her sister’s life. She finds that Sutton is not the nicest friend, sister or daughter, and struggles to pretend to be like her. She meets a secret boyfriend (Blair Redford!) and things get complicated when she begins to have feelings for him. Up until this point I was with it, I was enjoying it, it was fun. But then it just got boring. Ethan (Redford) flits from one twin to the other, seemingly unable to make up his mind. Boring. And then there’s the whole thing with Sutton and her birth mother. The search was intriguing at first, we didn’t know who she was, but we suspected that a lot of characters seemed to know a lot more than they were letting on. But it very soon got boring when it was obvious who their father was and that they were wrong about who they thought that their mother was. It dragged out for a long time before those things were really revealed explicitly and that was boring too. And then the storyline where Sutton and their birth mother were working together to break up her adoptive parents and form a new family was just silly. Perhaps it wouldn’t have seemed so in novel format, but in a TV show, it just didn’t really work.

I really wanted to like it, but I didn’t and that’s just the truth of it. But I did watch till the end, if only so that I could write a proper review! (Also, Blair Redford.)

Let me know what you thought about it, and if you’ve read the books then I’d be really interested about what you thought about it. Does it stick to the storyline?

Have a lovely day,



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