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So I’m finally here. After two years of wondering whether I would ever get here, here I am. I’ve been living here for almost two weeks now, and I have to say that I’m loving it. (Sorry mam). In the great lottery of life, I have once again lucked out. Not only am I at university studying things that genuinely interest me, but I’m also living in a flat with a lovely bunch of people. In my halls, each floor is separated into two flats with six people in them. Flat 14 is possibly the best bunch of people that they could possibly have grouped together. We’ve had many a conversation about how they must have stalked us all on facebook before they put us in 14 together! Liam was saying just last night that they probably just had a list of awesome people which they had meant to put one in each flat to distribute the awesome evenly, but they messed up somehow and put us all together. I like that idea. It makes me smile.

I’ve made friends! It’s so strange that at twenty years old I was worried about whether or not I would make friends, and to be honest, I knew that I would be fine, but it didn’t stop me from worrying. Anyway, yes mum, I have made friends, and not only with the wonderful people in my flat. Flat one also has an amazing bunch of people living in it that we have somehow befriended, and my course has a lot of nice people on it too. I met a lovely girl called Hayley-Ellen from downstairs and she’s got some of the same modules as me this year, although I do have to keep reminding myself not to speak in a geordie accent when I’m around her. (I’m not taking the mick, I just can’t help it, honest!)

Accents are such a funny thing. Since moving in here I have heard so many different accents, and it’s made me hyper-aware of my own. I think I may have to allow myself to pick up on someone with a nice accent, just to fend off my common as muck voice! Anyway, this is just a quick update to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking. (Despite a few drunken stumbles…) And also to let you know, that while book reviews will continue to be regular, my little life updates and rambling posts may become even less frequent over the next few months. University is a lot of work, and so it maintaining friendships with new people. I need to socialise a little more instead of sitting at my computer all of the time! Especially as I have no excuse. The people around me for the next year are awesome! (As further proof of this, a story; I met a man called Stuart/Stewart and two days later he was saying that he might have to move to a different halls. I was actually genuinely, not drunkenly, upset at the thought. After only having known him for two days. It’s an intense friendship making frenzy and I’m not sure if there will be anything like it ever again in my life.)


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