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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars- John Green




This book is absolutely brutal. You’ll notice that I have given it five stars, because it’s beautifully written and I think that the story and the characters deserve it, but that doesn’t mean that I liked this book. John Green is cruel to his readers. About a third of the way in I started to cry and I didn’t stop until I’d finished it. And then I sobbed and threw it across the room. (I aimed it at my bed, I’m not that much of a rebel).

I think that this is a book that most people will be able to relate to in some way because I don’t think that there is anyone in the world who has not been affected by cancer in some way. It’s tragic because you know that at least one character won’t survive the book from the moment that you pick it up. Yet you’ll read it anyway. And you’ll be heartbroken by the exact same thing that you’re expecting to happen. I really don’t know why anyone in their right mind would subject themselves to this book, but I for one, am glad that I did. Or I imagine that I will be once my heart has healed.


Has anyone read anything else by John Green? Is it all as harrowing as this? I want to read more by him because he’s a great author, but I feel that if it’s all the same as this then I might have to know in advance in order to mentally prepare myself. If you’ve recently had dealings with our friend Cancer, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. It’s far too close for comfort, even for me, and I haven’t had to deal with it for at least two years now.

Look forward to a nice easy book next week! I’ll be reviewing ‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman. A wonderful book that’s great for children and adults alike.

Let me know what you thought of ‘The Fault in our Stars’ in the comments, let’s get a discussion going about this one.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars- John Green

  1. Alys- Absolutely read more John Green. The others are not nearly as brutal but you’ll love his characters, each and everyone or so i did. I’d say start with The Abundance of Katherines and then read Looking For Alaska.


    1. Thanks haha, I think that I definitely will read more of his books, I just have to get through the others that are before them on my list first. Maybe next year haha!
      Thanks for commenting!


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