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Book Review: When the Sleeper Wakes- H.G. Wells


I was expecting so much more from this book. ‘H.G Wells’, I thought, ‘he’s supposed to be good isn’t he?’ I thought. Well, I thought wrong. At least in this instance. The book failed to grab me in the first few pages, but I’m not one to judge off the first chapter, I try to get through to the meaty filler of the story. And technically, the story is sound. It has potential. Who could fault the idea of a Victorian man falling asleep and waking up two hundred and three years later as the Master of the world? It’s interesting and exciting as a concept, but in reality, it was boring. I didn’t really feel attached to the main character, and I didn’t feel interested in the plight of the common people of the future. It just didn’t get through to me for some reason. I think that it is perhaps because of the fact that Graham doesn’t actually make any attachments to any other characters in the book, and so the reader doesn’t really get a sense of the kind of person that he is. To be honest with you, by the time I got to the halfway point I was just hoping that I would finish it soon so that I could write the review, return it to the library and be done with it.

I’m glad that I finished it, because it gave me more appreciation for the good books in life, but I will NOT be picking it up again! I really don’t recommend it, unless you’re like me and you think it will help you to enjoy the good books in life!

What did you think of the book?

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