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Christmas already?

Not to be one of those horribly cynical people, but I went into my local supermarket yesterday afternoon and they had a whole rack of Christmas chocolates and presents.


It strikes me as a bit early for Christmas, and last year we at least made it until October. But even so, whatever happened to Halloween?! Even Christianity didn’t manage to wipe out the old religion, but commercialism has managed to diminish Halloween to the point of almost extinction and it’s blown Christmas up to the size of a whole country. But I shouldn’t complain, I enjoy Christmas. I don’t care if it’s not ‘cool’ to admit that you like Christmas, but I do. And I’m not ashamed of it, I enjoy watching Christmas TV and I enjoy eating chocolate and spending time with my family. I enjoy eating all that food and I enjoy decorating the tree. I enjoy watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and everything else that goes along with Christmas. But I also like Halloween. It’s always been my favourite holiday, but I am always a little underwhelmed by it because it’s so overshadowed by Christmas. I am looking forward to both holidays this year though because Phoebe is almost four now, and she’s a lot more interesting when it comes to conversation and memories. She’ll remember this Halloween and Christmas and she’ll be able to experience it fully. So I’m excited for that, and we get to do more crafty things now, so we’ll be making some decorations I think!

And here is a wonderful Autumnal painting for you:

It comes from here:


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